2022 PGA Junior League Registration Deadline May 1

What a winter we have had in the Ohio Valley. Hopefully everyone has stayed safe, warm, and healthy and warmer temperatures are ahead of us! In addition to that, we hope all the junior golfers are having a great school year so far. As we look forward to summer vacation, Belmont Hills Country Club would like to extend our invitation to our annual summer PGA Junior League! Registration is now Live on www.pgajrleague.com. Most of our past staff is returning for this upcoming summer and a definite coach lineup will be announced when we have that information available. First off, we hope last year was a positive experience for you all, both golfers and families. We hope to have you back with us again for another summer of fun and golf! We have received numerous feedback submissions that we have incorporated into some changes for our program and are continuing to work on brainstorming new ideas, improving organization and administration, and much more. A few of the changes so far are outlined below. These are directly proportionate to feedback from all of you, so thank you!

  1. All coaches during game day will have their own cart and will be expected to help ALL players on their team and the opponent team to help all players improve, speed of play, and to have a good time on the course.

  2. New policies are in development to document how we will handle substitutions during games, absences, and RSVP for games. a. Matches will occur on Monday and Tuesday evenings starting at 5:30PM b. RSVP responses will STRICTLY be due by Sunday at 12:00PM c. Match pairings will be sent out for BOTH matches by End of Day Sunday d. If a team is suffering from drastic absence for a specific game, substitutions will be allowed from the OPPOSITE division. It will NOT be policy to take a player from the opposing team. For example, we will not have a player compete directly against his/her team. e. We believe this policy will drastically improve organization, communication, and our game day experience for coaches, staff, planning, players, and families.

  3. A Summer Schedule is in development and will be sent out prior to the season detailing ALL events for the summer.

  4. This will not include strict dates but rather detail how many practices, matches, and events will be held.

  5. For practices, the following will be documented for each week: Practice Topic, Number of coaches present and Duration of practice.

  6. This will help bring more organization and structure to our practices. The coach will be expected to complete the practice during the week based on availability and the communication will be expected to be sent 1 week prior to the event.

If anyone has questions, comments, concerns, or improvement ideas, we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible. We would love to hear your thoughts and how we can improve our program to hold our title as one of the best in the state! Please register ASAP!! We cannot stress how important it is for registrations to happen early to aid in planning. We ask that if you are returning you submit your registration by May 1st! Due to program size last year being near our max capacity, we ask for your cooperation in registering early so that we can have an idea of program size for this year as we would like to match last year’s size and plan accordingly. Please forward the attached flyer to friends, family, and others who would be interested! Thank you and we hope to see you back! We ask that you register at your earliest convenience if you plan on participating this summer.

PGA Jr League Flyer 2022
Download PDF • 390KB

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