Final Match Tee Times and Junior Golf

Here are the tee times and pairings for the final match of the 2020 PGA Junior League. Please CLICK THE IMAGE below to view the PDF of the pairings.


One cart will be allocated per family! There will be no reserved carts due to tee times. The first pairings we assume will be in for the 5:00 match so we should have carts available if not please be patient. We only have so many carts available. The cart fee will be $20.00. If there is rain, please proceed to the car and wait for instruction.

Please do not show up more than 15 mins ahead of time. Try to have kids loosen up in the yard before arriving all due to COVID guidelines.

ATTN: Pay close attention to the tee times!!! We had many requests, so the tee times are all over the place!

We will be hosting a Parent-Child tournament again this year! The date is August 14th! The time is 4:00. Please sign up on our website. We will be handing out awards, and we will also be hosting a pool party. We hope to have another great turnout!

St. Clairsville Middle School is looking for players for their junior high golf team. Please contact Michele Abel at 740-391-5678 if interested.


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