COVID-19 Update

I just wanted to send an update out on where BHCC stands with the COVID-19 Health Crisis. We are aware that there are rumors going around that golf courses will be reopening. There is a possibility that BHCC will be allowed to reopen for golf sometime this week. I will be reaching out to our contact at the Belmont County Health Department tomorrow for clarification and I will update you all when I receive information.

A few other reminders: BHCC is still operating on a take out food service schedule. Specials will be emailed out daily and please support your club during this time. Also, we are still taking donations for the employees of BHCC during this time. We would like to thank everyone that has donated so far.

Again, we hope everyone stays healthy and safe during this health crisis and we continue to encourage you to practice social distancing and adhere to the Administration's guidelines presented at

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