New Carts and Sprayer

The new carts have finally arrived. They are the 2019 Yamaha QuieTech. We have a new fleet of 30 and are keeping 15 of the old Yamaha's. The old Green Club Cars and 5 Yamahas were traded in giving us a fleet of 45 carts for the season.

The Yamaha QuieTech is one of the quietest gasoline golf carts on the market. It has a much improved rear suspension along with USB on both Driver and Passenger Side, a cooler, windshield, and rain covers.

The Board of Directors also approved the purchase of a new Sprayer for the Golf Course. The old sprayer was totally on its last leg and with the purchase of the new sprayer we should be able to save money in chemicals and have more even coverage.

With the purchase of the carts and sprayer, the cart fees will increase to $20.00 per 18 holes on May 1, 2019. The Board has also approved to let the membership to purchase the cart pass program until May 1st under the old rates. The cart pass flyer is attached below.

Please feel free to contact The Golf Pro Shop or Ron Baker for any questions. Let's have a Great 2019 Golf Season at BHCC and we hope you enjoy the new carts and take advantage of our Beautiful Golf Course this year!

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